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applebok_WebSafe.gif (22409 bytes)If this is your first visit to Pippin's home page we want to welcome you warmly, tell you a little about ourselves, and help you to find your way around our website and enjoy its benefits. If you're a return visitor then in that case you already know about us and our books; we're delighted to have you back, hope that you'll be pleased by the improvements we've made since you were last our guest, and that you will enjoy the new books we'll be showing you.

Pippin is a Toronto-based publisher, founded in 1995. Our editorial board is based in Australia, the UK, the US and Canada, and we publish books for students, their teachers and their parents around the world, by authors from around the world. We want these books to be so stimulating and enjoyable for students, so sustaining and inspiring for teachers, and so helpful and reassuring for parents that they contribute to putting the joy back into teaching and learning.

As you visit our website you'll find new books, already published books that have become firm favorites of teachers and parents, an invitation to join us and become an author by telling us of your writing plans, and ways to contact your nearest Pippin source wherever you live. Want information about a specific title? Its all just a click away!

We hope you enjoy your journey around our website, and that you'll become a frequent guest. We're so pleased that you're here!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014